Pre-conference Training Workshops


4th of July 2022 – 9.00 to 17.00

Ghent University Museum – Ghent University

Object-based Methods of Academic Teaching

This one-day workshop is intended for people that have experience with the use of academic heritage collections in teaching. The workshop focuses on:  sharing knowledge and ideas about object-based learning and teaching; experiencing hands-on methods of object-based teaching and discussing objectives, methodologies, and the transfer from the classroom to the digital/online. 

The Workshop is part of the Erasmus Plus project “Teaching With Objects”, which started in March 2022 and will run for 3 years. The partners are: University of Strasbourg, the Coordination Centre for Scientific University Collections in Germany, University of Padua, Ghent University Museum, Things That Talk Foundation and the Dutch Foundation for Academic Heritage. 

The main goals of this project are to provide university teaching with new impulses for object-based teaching and learning in-situ, hybrid as well as online, thus also contributing to the valorization of academic collections. The methods and tools that will be collected, researched and developed will ultimately be made available in an open accessible toolbox web application. 

In the next three years the project aims to build a network of teachers, curators and people engaged in and with academic heritage to explore the opportunities and challenges of teaching with objects in the digital age.

Due to the limited space, the workshop does not have an open registration.

For more information, please contact Frank Meijer:

During the Universeum Conference, an open workshop about Teaching with Objects will be organized by the Working group Digital Initiatives. Please see the program for more details about this workshop.